Cuticle Care Tips

Cuticle Care Tips

Your cuticles are a delicate area that needs to be well-cared for as it protects new nails from bacteria. Keep your cuticles healthy and mani-ready with these cuticle care tips.

Avoid picking hangnails

As tempting as picking a hangnail may be, these sometimes painful tears increase your risk of infection. Carefully remove any hangnails with tweezers or clippers, not by biting or ripping. Bring the trimmers as close as possible to the base of torn skin and snip with one cut.

Soak often

Soften your cuticles and clean your nails by soaking them in soapy, warm water for around 5-10 minutes every few days. Feel free to add warm jojoba or coconut oil to the water for additional moisture. After soaking, pat your hands dry with a clean towel to help prevent the spread of bacteria. Make sure to moisturize once your hands are dry.

Maintain moisture

Prevent dryness and cracking by moisturizing your cuticles regularly. You can do this by using cuticle oil, moisturizer or petroleum jelly to hydrate them. However, for most effectiveness use an oil-based product to penetrate the cuticle area completely. This helps to soothe damaged cuticles and flaking. Also, wear vinyl gloves to protect them from drying when washing clothes or dishes.

Push, don’t remove 

Although there is mixed research for cutting cuticles, when at home stick to pushing to be safe! Remove nail polish to avoid pushing small chips into your cuticles that can lead to infection, then soak your nails in warm water. Rest your hand on a table to steady yourself and carefully push back your cuticle (with a gentle cuticle pusher) along the nail bed and trim excess skin and hangnails.

Limit harsh products

Limit or avoid using damaging products that can contribute to the drying of your cuticles. Harsh nail polishes and removers along with regularly using hand sanitizers or washing your hands too much can dry the delicate skin which can open nails up to germs. Try to use an acetone-free formula for a nail polish remover.

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