Healthy Nails For The New Year

Healthy Nails For The New Year

With the busyness of the new year celebration, we ought to take extra care of our nails if we want them to stay strong and healthy.  Our nails will be up to holiday works like gift wrapping, decorating, cooking, or baking, and taking advantage of the last day sale of the year.  Even with all the works that the upcoming new year entails, we can still give those fingernails some healthy manicure.

Here are some ways to keep them healthy:

Your nails are not one of your tools.  From using it to tear something, to picking up some and opening canned soda, we are all guilty of using our nails as a tool. This makes our nails wear and easy to break. Let us stick to using, tweezers, scissors, and a can opener.

Let your nails breathe. As much as we want to see our nails longer, clipping them regularly will make it grow healthier.  The healthier your nails are the more often you can change nail polish color. Now, that is something we can look forward to.

Always keep them clean.  Bacteria can easily build up beneath fingernails when not cleaned.  For hygienic purposes, we all can agree that keeping your nails clean is important. Make washing hands every time they get dirty a habit.

Hydrate your nails. Since nails are prone to splitting up when they are weak, try rubbing some oil on your nail beds.  A simple process that can keep your nails from being brittle.

Too much moisture is bad.  Frequent washing is bad for your nails. If you cannot avoid spending much time doing chores where you must soak your hand in water or clean using harsh chemicals, protect your nails by wearing gloves. Even with simple dishwashing, try using gloves. You’ll be surprised how much stronger it will make your nails.

Choose the right nail polish. Choosing the right nail polish is vital to achieving healthy nails. When your nails are free from harmful chemicals, it will make your nails stronger. Imagine how beautiful your long nails are when they do not break easily. 

With those tips in mind, you can now confidently raise your glass with those long, healthy, and beautiful nails as you welcome the new year. Cheers to another wonderful year!

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