How to Fix a Broken Nail

How to Fix a Broken Nail

Broken tips are the worst, but don’t let that keep you down! Although gluing your nail is a common fix, we’ve put together some advice to teach you how to fix a broken nail without chemicals.

Clean and smooth

Before you get started on repairing the crack, make sure your nails are clean and clear. Remove any polish and soak with warm soapy water. File the edges of your chipped, cracked or completely broken tip to create a smooth edge and prevent the crack from expanding further. Smooth nails by buffing to help your covering and polish stick better.

Mend with covering

Thankfully, you can combat broken nails with household items such as paper tea bags, paper towels, coffee filters or silk. Note: if using a tea bag, be sure to empty the bag of leaves before using it. Cut out a piece of your chosen item enough so that it covers your entire nail (if a little hangs over, you can trim later). This will add durability and strength. 

Apply base coat

After you have prepared a shield, adhere it by placing it over a base coat. You can use tweezers to steady your hand while placing when the base coat is still wet. Allow it to dry, then buff uneven patches. Next, apply another layer of base coat to help the covering become semi-transparent. Gently buff your tips one last time and trim and file any excess covering that extends past your nail.


Finally, after your broken tip has undergone the previous steps, you can grab your favorite polish and start painting as usual. Be certain to paint the edge of your nail to prevent future tears. After the first coat has dried, you can apply additional layers until your mani is back to normal. Finish with a top coat to seal the whole look.

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