Preventing Chipped Nail Polish

Preventing Chipped Nail Polish

Nothing is more disappointing than noticing your polish has chipped after you spent hours perfecting your manicure. Keep your tips fresh with these tips for preventing chipped nail polish.

Start with clean nails

In addition to removing any leftover polish from your last mani, make sure your nails are clean and dry. The leftover oils from hand and nail products can prevent nail polish from sticking, shortening your manicure’s lifespan. Prep for painting by soaking your nails in warm soapy water and giving them a quick scrub.

Use a base coat

Lengthen the life of your polished tips by beginning with a base coat. A base coat fills any nail ridges to allow for smooth application. Also, the flexible properties of a base coat make the polish stick and bend with the nail, lessening your chances of chipped polish.

Roll, not shake

You’re probably familiar with the sound of the silver ball(s) clanking within the bottle before application. However, to properly mix the polish’s formula, you should roll the bottle between the palms of your hands. Shaking the bottle can cause air bubbles to appear while applying.

Apply thin layers

Apply your nail polish in two to three thin layers. Thick coats won’t dry properly and can look clumpy. It’s okay if the first layer appears streaky; the following layers will even up the color. 

Seal the tips

As the edge of the nail is most prone to chipping, be sure to apply extra polish to that area. After the final coat has been painted, swipe some polish horizontally across the end of your nail. Use this technique when using a top coat, as well.

End with top coat

Apply top coat with as much precision as the other layers of polish. Although it is clear, top coat shrinks as it dries, leaving the outer edges of your polish prone to chipping. Consider applying a top coat every other day to ensure a lasting mani. 

Let your nails dry

Painting nails can be a long process, but don’t waste your time by not allowing your nails to dry properly. This means letting your nail polish dry between each coat (about two minutes) and after you’ve applied a top coat. Before you begin to handle objects, wait at least 45 minutes to prevent smudging. If you want a quicker dry time, consider dipping your nails in cold water or investing in a nail dryer.

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