Ten Best Influencers to Follow For... Color Swatches

Ten Best Influencers to Follow For... Color Swatches

If you’re looking for your next nail polish color inspiration, take a look at these ten influencers that have feeds full of color swatches.

Valesha from Peachy Polish

After Valesha started painting nails and posting them for fun, she received high praise for her swatches, so she began frequently posting her manis on Instagram. Her feed is a mix of nail polish swatches and lifestyle photos, so you can get to know her as a person in addition to peeping the variety of polish colors she shares.



Tracey O'Dowd

Tracey is a Michigan-based nail artist that shares nail art, swatches and reviews on her Instagram. Most of her feed incorporates a featured polish color with a unique design, so you can see what the nail polish color looks like in different compositions.




Tiffany ~ PolishandPaws

Tiffany is a nail influencer that named her Instagram account (and blog) after her two favorite things, nail polish and dogs. She provides reviews along with her swatches and works with indie, mainstream and boutique brands, so you’ll have plenty of nail inspo.



Vampy Varnish (Kelly)

The account Vampy Varnish is run by Kelly, who also has a blog where she shares swatches and reviews of the latest nail polish collections and brands. Her feed also features fun collages of different shades of polish, so you can see what options are available if you are looking for a specific color.



My Nail Polish Obsession

This Instagram account includes multiple hues from the same brand so you can compare and contrast individual color swatches. If you love polish with glitter, you’ll want to follow this account!



All The Nail Polish Things

Larissa, also known as Polish Lab Rat, shares a wide range of nail color swatches to entice you to try a new shade. You can also check out her YouTube channel that has polish reviews, tutorials and nail tips!




If you are a fan of beauty products in addition to nail polishes, you’re in luck! Melanie’s feed features nail swatches and products from her favorite beauty and skincare brands for beauty ideas that go beyond your nails.




Brandi is an influencer based in Seattle that has an Instagram feed full of bright and vibrant colors. She also has a YouTube channel that shares her top picks for different categories, like Spring 2020 Nail Polishes and Quick Dry Polishes.



Jessica Nicole

Jessica reviews polish collections and shares her insight on her feed. She loves to swatch, test, experiment and create with nail polish.



Nail Polish Society (Emiline)

Emiline’s Instagram uses color swatches in different designs to show the shade in action. She is a Women's Beauty Rights Activist and her goal is to spread the message that gorgeous nail polish can be paired with any personality.




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