Ten Best Influencers to Follow For... Nail Art

Ten Best Influencers to Follow For... Nail Art

Now is the perfect time to work on your nail art! Check out these nail art influencers for some inspiration.

Cassandre Marie

Sweet and feminine is the best way to describe Cassandre’s approach to nails. Her Instagram feed is as aesthetically pleasing as the individual nails she paints.



Spifster Sutton

As a visual designer, it’s no wonder that Spifster’s nail designs are eye-catching and expressive. Especially if you are a fan of acrylics, this account will give you much-needed inspo.



Miss Pop

This New York City-based nail artist creates designs for all styles. Her well-known work has been seen on the pages of Marie Claire, Allure, The New York Times, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, and Seventeen.



Betina R. Goldstein

Betina is a nail stylist that channels her passion for art through her manicures. Her detailed, hand-painted nail art looks great on all nail lengths.



Hang Nguyen

We’re loving the whimsical look of the emoji-like characters and flowers that are used in many of her designs. Her nail art has been categorized as intricate, delicate, and unexpected. 



Alicia Torello

Alicia’s quirky and fun designs have given her the opportunity to work with celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Kylie Jenner. Many of her designs emphasize negative space, which adds a unique look to your tips.




This LA-based artist has plenty of fun and bright designs for you to try out! Plus, you’re likely to see some of your favorite characters on her feed, as she has painted Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and others.



Katie Masters

Katie provides “nail education, artsy inspo, & a *touch of humor to help this industry & life be a lil more connected” on her Instagram page. We love the sparkly geode look that has inspired many of her featured designs.




If you love 3D nail designs, then you’ll find several ideas to add dimension to your fingernails. You’ll find no shortage of abstract form and eccentric shape ideas from Omiki.




Located in Cambridge, Ontario, Alyssa focuses her hand-painted designs on natural nails. Much of her work mimics the effect of paint splatter, with nails being her canvas.


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