The Importance of Using a Base Coat

The Importance of Using a Base Coat

Before you begin painting your nails, consider the importance of using a base coat.

Smooths texture

For nails with any splits, peels, or nail bed ridges, a base coat will create a consistent texture. Just like an artist needs a smooth canvas before making a masterpiece, using a base coat will form a smooth working surface before you polish.

Prevents staining 

Dark and bold nail polishes look amazing; however, they can discolor your nail after removing. Prevent staining by creating a protective layer between your nails and the polish with a base coat.

Extends life of manicure

A base coat serves as a primer that sticks to your nail and to the applied polish, holding it all together for a beautiful mani. The elastic quality found in base coats allows flexibility, so your nail can bend easily, preventing chips.

Additional benefits

Some base coats pack added benefits to address a variety of nail needs. Ingredients like protein, vitamin E or calcium can prevent breakage and make nails healthier.

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