When you have already spent time carefully painting those nails, waiting for the nail polish to dry can be tedious especially when you got something else to do. As much as you want to immediately hop on your chores you cannot risk messing up those newly painted nails. Now, you must spend another 10 minutes waiting while constantly checking if they are already completely dry. Was there a time when you think you are certain that it’s already good to go and you try touching it only to find out that it has not completely dry yet? Ye, we’ve all been there. To avoid such mishaps, here are some tips you can use to get nail polish dry quickly.


  • Keep them layers thin. When applying nail polish do it in thin coats. As you take out the nail polish brush from the bottle, brush off any excess nail polish and only apply a thin layer of nail polish. This makes the nail polish dry faster and ready for the second coat.


  • Time to chill. This is one of the favorite techniques in drying nails quicker. All you need is a bowl half-filled with ice-cold water. After painting your nails, let them sit for 1 minute and dip them in the ice-cold water for 2 minutes.  Your hands may feel cold, but your nails are good to go.


  • Keep them cool. Just like the bowl with ice-cold water you can use a portable fan or blow-dryer. Make sure to set the temperature to cool otherwise you will achieve the opposite if the temperature is set to warm. A helpful tip is to keep your fingers 3 inches from the fan or blow-dryer. This will guarantee that you will not accidentally hit your nails.


  • The baby oil hack. You might be wondering or even hesitant to believe that oil can help dry your polish quicker. Well, it does. Oil sets into the nail polish thinning it out thus drying it quicker. The next time you run out of quick dry-drops, let baby oil do the trick.


  • Quick-drying formula. When you are in a bit of a hurry, opt for nail polish with quick-drying formula. If your eyes are already set on a specific color, you can always use a quick-drying topcoat to speed up the process. On top of that, the added layer will keep your nail polish protected. Some also observed that a lighter shade of nail polish dries quicker.


As much as we want to enjoy our mani-pedi moments there will be times that we are in a rush. These helpful tips can get our nails ready in practically half the time.  

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